Sound installation as part of the ATHsENSe Multisensory
installation by Spatial Research Media Group


19 December 2022 Live Coding with LiveLily at
Ον/Off Studio

20, 23, 25, 27 November 2022 Electric guitar at the opera
"Anthony's Death" by Kharalampos Goyos

19 November 2022 Neural Networks in Pure Data online
workshop at the PikselXX AI AI AI festival.

5th of March 2021
Electric guitar at the opera "Anthony's Death" by
Kharalampos Goyos

December 2020 - January 2021
Programming and circuit design at X-Mas Beacon Lights
installation by Beforelight

16th of February 2019
Participation at Onassis Cultural Centre's Open Day 2020
17:30 & 19:30-20:00

4th of April 2019
Concert at Alternative Stage of Greek National Opera
with Ergon Ensemble, James Dillon's Stabat Mater Dolorosa

1st and 2nd of November 2019
There's been trouble in paradise by Litsa Kiousi,
Berlin, Germany

5th-6th of July 2019
Iketides Theatre play at Ancient Epidavrous Threatre

26th of June 2019
Live at Summer Nostos Festival with Ergon Ensemble

3rd and 4th of April 2019
Data Mining / Live Scoring at Onassis Stegi

1st of September 2018
Pd+Arduino workshop at ELECTROPIXEL#8

31st of August 2018

14th - 15th of Just 2018
Electric guitar at the Oton project

1st - 3rd June 2018
Participation at Tuned City, at ancient Messene

7th June 2018
Tribute to Demetrios Stratos with Metrodora Ensemble

14th / 15th June 2018
Oton Project with Ventus and ARTéfacts ensembles, at OCC

19th of April 2018
Echo and Narcissus, live coding poetry opera
by Medea Electronique at OCC

8th March - 15 April 2018
Guitar at the Z Opera at the Greek National Opera

4th of March 2018
Guitar at the Open Day at OCC

22 - 24 September 2017
Occupy Atopos #AndrewSpyrou ECHOGEOGRAPHIES:

3rd - 7th, 9th - 10th May 2017
Interactive programming at Sanctuary
part of Fast Forward Festival 4, by OCC

5th of March 2017
Participation at the Open Day 5, OCC

15th - 19th of February 2017
Digital Electronics for Musicians workshop at GlogauAIR

18 November 2016
Live at PdCon16~
Shapeshifter Lab, Brooklyn, New York

18 November 2016
Digital Modular Synthesizer workshop at PdCon16~
NYU, New York