This page contains personal projects or parts of projects that might be helpful to others.

Stand alone software
LiveLily: system for live sequencing and live scoring through live coding in a Lilypond-like language

Pure Data externals
neuralnet, an artificial neural network Pd external, written in pure C, without any dependencies
tabreceive_mult~, external that works like [tabreceive~] but can receive data from multiple tables and apply an amplification ramp in a [line~] fashion. Written together with IOhannes m zmölnig.
Various filters, includes source code, binaries for Linux and OSX, and help patches

Pure Data abstractions
Miscellaneous abstractions
Oscillator abstractions
Filter abstractions
Array abstractions
Band-limited waveform abstractions

Pure Data abstractions and Arduino sketches
Arduino-Pd, Pd abstractions to facilitate the communication between the Arduino and Pd

Arduino for Pd’ers, tutorial on the communication between the Arduino and Pd
Making Voltage Controlled Oscillators in Pd, tutorial on waveshaping

Python DSP
pyo-oscillators, various oscillators written in Python with the Pyo DSP module